Our Mission

Lumiere Paris is a reflection of positive luxury values established by its founders: genuine integrity and industry-leading craftsmanship demonstrating positive social and environmental impact.

We are the voice of transformation through innovation in the fashion industry. We challenge, push boundaries, and lead the revolution in the new era of the conscious consumer.  We produce premium-feel luxury collections crafted in the heart of Italy that reflect the new ethical and environmental conscience of the world we live in today. 

Lumiere Paris is a symbol of dedication to the future of fashion and our Planet.

Every choice we make impacts the foundation of our future. What we do matters more than what we say.  We will make choices that contribute to a bright and sustainable world for future generations.  We won’t compromise. We use environmentally friendly materials and will not take natural resources for granted. We pioneer the use of alternative innovative technology materials with a cutting-edge business model to combine luxury fashion with ethical standards.